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When we encounter Jesus through the gospels, we see a consistent pattern of calling, equipping, and sending ordinary people as His disciples to take on His mission of reconciling all things to God. The narrative and commands of the New Testament paint the same picture; Ordinary people transformed by Christ to take part in His mission.

We, too, are part of this story.

What would it look like for all of God’s people to take on His mission?
How do we engage ordinary disciples of Jesus in intentional rhythms toward that end?

Through our micro churches, we are discovering a powerful way of ministry that is intentional in building rhythms of obedience to Jesus, intentionality with our neighbors, and deep community with one another, while being simple enough to multiply on every block in our community.

This type of engagement in God’s mission through all of God’s people is what Jesus is calling The Well Community Church to do.

Want to join us in what God is doing? Use the contact form below and we’ll connect you with a micro church gathering.

Ready to find out more about establishing a micro church on your block? Click here for more information on training and partnership.

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